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The X-Files Scene Tags

Tagging scenes from The X-Files for your referencing pleasure!

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Tagging scenes from The X-Files for your referencing pleasure!


Have you ever come across the burning need to find a particular image from The X-Files? A particular scene, perhaps, for your own innocent (or devious) purposes? For example, you want to make icons just of Mulder and Scully with their guns out, shooting at things. But which episodes do you look to to find screencaps or to make your own? You have 202 to choose from!

This is where xf_scenetags can help. With the aid of LJ's tagging system and a meticulous re-watch of the series by yours truly, helpful tags are assigned to each episode to aid users in finding the particular images or scenes they need. It's a long and laborious process, as each scene needs to be carefully weighed and judged as to whether or not it deserves to be tagged, but hopefully come by "The Truth," we'll have a tag list so epic, a catalogue so well-organized, it will be worth the sacrifice. (But how could anyone call watching The X-Files a sacrifice?!) With links to other helpful screencap and episode communities provided here, once you know what you're looking for, you should be well on your way to finding just what you need.

Posting is for moderators only, but please, join or watch the community so you can follow updates as new episodes are added. Also, we welcome user suggestions as to tags you think we may have missed on each episode. We're not perfect and we can't always accurately gauge what fans may believe is something noteworthy, so please, feel free to leave a comment with suggestions under that episode's post! Note, for the sake of consistency, some tags will be generalized, as there is no need to describe every single way Scully can brandish her gun. For tag definitions, please see this entry.

So quit reading and start checking...THE TAGS. You've got some researching to do.

Your mod,

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